What my clients have to say

“I’ve worked with Joan and find her professionalism exceptional. She goes beyond just copywriting and into the depth and breath of the topic combined with an excellent knowledge of web marketing + SEO that drives the copy. This has resulted in great results for us.”

Michael Colman
Co-Founder | Digital Strategist | WordPress Developer @ Digital Thing

“Joan’s approach feels relaxing: meeting up with her is more like having a break than hard work. I like that she explains it all at the level I understand. The difference with Joan is she doesn’t use marketing lingo you can’t understand. She’s been a wonderful inspiration and offered her expertise in marketing to help build and grow my business by recommending new, innovative ideas for marketing.”

Belinda Kawalek
Dance Studio Owner @ Dynamic Moves Dance Studio

“Once I hired Joan, she began to redesign our lead management and marketing automation process. It’s one thing to generate leads, another to do something with them. The way she approaches her consulting is through research and is fact-based. I find working with her extremely enjoyable. Joan has a tremendous intellect and applies a lot of science and market research to her work. She is very thorough and brings a professional result.”

Alan Robinson
Co-owner @ Big Rick’s Australia | Past CEO – Microsolve

“Joan ‎was very perceptive and timely. She had the ability to write copy that was easily understood by the target audience. In our case, this was explaining technical information in easily grasped words. Joan was also quick to pick up our branding and portray it in a quality video and magazine ad for a global target audience. In an extremely short space of time, Joan helped us set up a landing page, social media accounts and marketing strategy for a new global venture. Thank you, Joan.”

Caryn Menzies
General Manager @ Omni-Tuff

“Joan has the ability to simplify marketing; to bring what is often communicated in complex language down into very easy terms to work with. She knows the current methods of marketing: the technological side, including website creation and running marketing campaigns.”

Timothy Crutcher
Sales Manager @ The General Pump Company

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